🎁 New:
  • --output-file
    writes JSON to a file instead of
  • Trunk now allows storing any linter configuration file in
    instead of at the root of the repo, to hide the mess.
✨ Improved:
  • Arbitrary flags can now be appended to compile commands for C++ linters.
  • trunk-fmt-pre-commit
    action now only formats files that are modified in the index.
  • trunk init
    now writes runtime versions to trunk.yaml.
  • trunk upgrade
    now upgrades trunk, linters, and plugin sources instead of just trunk.
  • trunk init
    now asks the user if they want trunk to manage their git hooks. and if so asks to enable some useful git hooks.
  • trunk init
    now enables some useful default actions.
🔧 Fix:
  • trunk upgrade <linter>
    will no longer enable new linters.
  • Fix where action notifications sometimes would not go away.
  • Fix
    support in Plugins.
  • trunk upgrade --no-progress
    now works.
🎁 New:
  • New linter: include-what-you-use
  • Added more file type definitions.
✨ Improved:
  • Semgrep now runs on more file types
  • Trunk now handles inotify overflows in a more robust way!
  • Trunk will not lint files over 4MB (configurable).
  • Changed
  • Trunk will now warn when it can't download for that platform.
  • Plugin repositories can now specify a minimum version of trunk required.
  • Linters using system version may now omit
🔧 Fix:
  • Pylint caching bug fix.
  • Workaround for gitleaks bug on empty files.
  • Trunk pre-commit hook bug fix when used with
    git commit -a
  • Terraform now works in sub-directories
🔧 Bug Fixes
  • Fix regression in autopep8
  • Fix broken links to documentation
🎁 New
🔧 Bug Fixes
  • Fix occasional crash on first run of trunk after upgrading.
  • Fix parsing errors with some eslint and pylint plugins that wrote to standard output.
  • Trunk will now update .trunk/.gitignore on upgrades.
  • Work-around for some broken lsp clients that re-order events.
✨ Improvements
  • It is now possible to re-enable a disabled linter
  • Fix
    check enable
    crash when using the java runtime.
🔧 Bug Fixes
  • LSP backend now never returns empty formatting results
🎁 New
  • New linter
    : finds conflict markers in your files.
✨ Improvements
  • Trunk now detects when you are using linters configured in pyproject.toml or setup.cfg.
  • /trunk skip-check now supports Trunk Merge.
  • --all now implies --no-fix.
🔧 Bug Fixes
  • Language Server Protocol bug fixes.
  • Truncated line rendering bug fixes.
✨ Improvements
  • ::group::
    syntax is only used when running on github actions.
  • Trunk now crates a symlink to your logs in
🔧 Bug Fixes
  • Better error message when running
    trunk daemon <command>
    outside a trunk-enabled repository.
  • Lsp server bug fixes.
  • trunk merge
    bug fixes.
🎁 New
  • New formatter:
✨ Improvements
  • Lsp server now gives results to the vscode extension faster.
  • ktlint is now runs with
    trunk fmt
  • Trunk now limits the amount of text it prints when running in CI mode.
🔧 Bug Fixes
  • gradle-detekt
    no longer runs on the upstream commit.
  • trunk fmt --ci
    no longer crashes.
  • Lsp server bug fixes.
  • Better detect when files are deleted when formatting is in place.
🔧 Bug Fixes
  • Fix for gradle complaining about a closed stdin.
  • Trunk now forwards gradle authentication tokens in environment variables.
  • The published yaml schema for trunk.yaml is now more permissive.
  • yapf now works with pyproject.toml.
  • Trunk now truncates lines longer than 240 chars when printing diffs.
  • Added support for taplo >= 0.6.7.
  • Improved timeout messages.
🔧 Bug Fixes
  • Output parsing fixes for pylint and rubocop.
  • Upgraded the default python runtime to 3.10.
  • Hold-the-line improvements for modified config files.
  • The linter results cache is now more resilient to corrupted files.
  • Fixed init for when runtimes are not available.
  • Fixed a rare crash when the notification output directory was deleted.
  • Fixed a rare crash when trunk config was invalid.
  • Fixed a rare crash when a file was deleted during linting for some linter types.
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